Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Post #9 and my final post here!

Hey... Look, I do not update this too much (whenever I do, it's stupid/silly bollocks you might not care about) and I have no time to maintain a blog (or anyone else's blog) at this time.  Where are entries #1-8 you might be asking yourself?  BALEETED!  Fuck it!  Meaningless to me and meaningless to most of you!  I am going to be extremely careful about what I write down as well.  I

Where should I begin?  Ever searched up Mick Bynes on Google and got my Last.fm music profile?  I don't check the shoutbox of it and I probably won't, because I know some people will say negative, hurtful and pessimistic things.  I've read it all and seen it all.  If you find the song "Mick Bynes is a Faggot" by Bitch Killer.  I am honored by it, because it reminds me of Anal Cunt's song against Chris Barnes. Yes I am a faggot.  I'll even call myself faggot for you all... yeah and I'm 10000% comfortable saying that!  What does it mean to you?  I'm simply a nice average person among the living (ooh good 'thrax album lol).  There are people who have disgusting misconceptions and exaggerations about me.  Will I get into this?  No!  I do not want to bore you to tears.

As for the people who recorded that... They don't know me, they will never know me, I did nothing to them, I'll never do anything to them and I want nothing to do with them.  I stopped communicating with them over a couple of years ago, because they were cyberbullying me and someone else.   So what gives?  I honestly have nothing against them, since I didn't get to know them.  I really don't want to know you if you're going to have a song against me for no reason.  What gives you the right to attack me over something like my sexuality, my music, personal stuff, etc.  It makes zero sense!  For example... that's like me going against  a person that's a fan of gas lamps and then I tell him "oh get with the times, I'm gonna write a song about you and how old you are!"  These people try to take me down, but it only makes me stronger and stronger.  All of their negative energy and vibes turn into positivity and optimism for me!

So what's new?  Besides the fact that I am a metalhead and loving life... I am working with the CCHR to expose psychiatric abuse and how certain drugs (like Lexipro and Abilify) are controlling people.  There's more to it.  I have been so enlightened and educated this year, I am extremely amazed.  I will live a life full of happiness, liberty and love.  Trust me on this one!

If you seriously need to get a reach of me for whatever reason... I'm sure you have no reason to contact me since I'm not so important.  If you want to contact (hey it's cool, I'm a nice sociable guy, I'll be more than happy to talk to you if you need me), you may go to my ReverbNation page.  Don't have ReverbNation?  Sign up for it and look up "Mick Bynes"... alright, I also have Facebook... simply search up Devin Palladino, add me, message me... I'll be happy to talk to you (as of now my privacy settings do not allow everybody to message me or add me as a friend, I do not know when I will lift these privacy settings).  Just as long as you're not mean or stupid or whatever.  Sadly a good amount of people on the Internet are like that.  I can't stand those kinds of people.  They're people with poisonous personalities.

In conclusion, I have a lot to live for.  I'm a young person and I have the power to change this negative, pessimistic, miserable, depressing, etc. world and even universe.  If you know who I truly am.  Cool for you and you deserve my love.  If not, oh well... too bad.  You're being enslaved by money (I'm an anarcho-capitalist, but the money at the time this blog was written was not safe & sound money), religion, psychotropic drugs, propaganda,  corruption, hypocrisy, lies, etc.  I shall smite all of these horrible things!  Oh trust me, I will.  I will not stand for that.  I am going to help fix this world & universe and do the best I can. Thank you for reading this.

ONE MORE THING.... before I conclude this lovely blog post... I have one highly important link for y'all:

Originally I had two, but I feel this one link is just good enough.  Stefan Molyneux rules!  If you read he has a cult, it is quite untrue.  I suggest you also join the forum.  I am on there, that's a good way to get in touch with me.

I have a left my permanent marking here on the Internet, unless PIPA, SOPA or whatever they call it remove my page or Blogger.com shuts down for some odd reason... who knows!  I am a freedom fighter.  I stand for love, liberty, peace and prosperity!  I will be one of the leaders in destroying the corruption, hypocrisy, dishonesty, negativity, religion, etc.  No matter how long it takes!  I am dedicated to helping out society and making sure society improves.  We gotta weed out the oppression and other stuff.  I can go on and on... however, I'll just end this blog right here.  Arrivederci!

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